Adds Microsoft Windows Media Technologies to GMN Radio

Posted on September 16, 1999

Global Music Network, a website for complete live performances of classical, opera, and jazz, has announced the launch of a Windows Media version of GMN Radio. Unveiled last month, GMN Radio now incorporates both a Windows Media and Real Player version, each providing listeners with continuous theme-based programming within the genres of classical, opera, and jazz music.

"Offering high quality audio via the Internet, we are pleased to make Windows Media Player available to help our visitors enjoy the vibrant and complex sounds of classical, jazz and opera 24 hours a day," said Chairman and CEO of Michael Lubin. "With its multiple features, including the ability to play most local and streamed multimedia content, Microsoft's technology is a welcome addition to GMN Radio."

GMN Radio is unique in that it provides links and information about each piece of music as it is playing. By offering extensive background on the track along with a history of its composer and the artist performing the piece, visitors are able to explore and educate themselves with this wide variety of information. Presenters such as Bret Primack, Jazz Editor and Jon Tolansky, Resident Writer, host each aired program, offering insight and music that enables people to sample works from GMN's extensive database of classical, opera, and jazz.

"We're excited that has selected the unmatched audio quality of Windows Media for their impressive Internet radio station targeted for the fine-arts aficionado with its diverse play-list of classical, jazz and opera," said Kevin Unangst, lead product manager, Streaming Media Division at Microsoft. "With today's announcement, has made its unique content available to the millions of Windows Media player users."