Glassbook Announces Public Beta Test Site

Posted on December 13, 1999

Glassbook, Inc., has announced availability of the Glassbook Reader open beta test and ebook bookstore on the Internet. Available for Windows-based systems, the firm is providing free access to both the Glassbook Reader and the Glassbook Plus Reader.

Founder and president Len Kawell, co-inventor of Lotus Notes, noted "The Glassbook Reader represents the first in a series of open standards-based, e-commerce Glassbook products that integrate the entire electronic book distribution and delivery process."

Interested parties can follow the instructions to download the Glassbook Readers and ebooks from the Glassbook Bookstore. The bookstore contains public domain ebooks that can be downloaded at no charge. Ebooks from publishers such as Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Harvard Business School Press, Houghton Mifflin Company, Macmillan USA, Random House and Simon & Schuster, Inc., are also available for purchase.

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