Gist TV Listings Creates Print Publication

Posted on October 25, 1999

Gist Communications Inc. has announced plans to create and publish The Daily Gist -- a customizable print magazine to be delivered to homes and offices exclusively via the Internet. The new ad-supported magazine, which reverses the long-established order of the publishing process from "print and distribute" to "distribute and print," is scheduled to launch in late 1999.

The Daily Gist, featuring personalized TV listings and related editorial content, will build on Gist TV's established distribution of customized listings to subscribers of Instant Delivery. Users visit the Hewlett-Packard's Instant Delivery site to choose the content they wish to receive and when they wish to receive it via their computer printer.

Jonathan Greenberg, CEO of Gist Communications, says in a statement, "Traditional print entertainment guides will soon fade away because they can't compete in the areas of timeliness and customization. With deadlines a couple of weeks prior to their appearance in subscribers' homes, guides obtained through the mail, on newsstands or by newspaper delivery simply can't keep up with the dynamic world of hundreds of digital TV channels, where schedules will be changing daily and even hourly. Delivery of print guides over the Internet, on the other hand, allows for constant updates, resulting in increased accuracy and a far more useful product."

Commenting on today's agreement, Mike Roberts, marketing manager for HP Instant Delivery, says, "HP is committed to finding truly innovative uses for the Internet and enhancing the Internet experience for consumers. We're pleased to partner with Gist in providing a unique, Internet publishing offering to our Instant Delivery users. The Daily Gist provides users added choice and convenience, supporting the growing shift to 'distribute and print' model."