GeoCities Launches Home Page Headlines

Posted on March 11, 1999

GeoCities, a communities of personal Web sites, and its partner, iSyndicate have launched GeoCities' "Home Page Headlines." Under the program, GeoCities Homesteaders (members who have published personal Web pages) can now place free, up-to-the-minute headlines for the latest news, sports, financial information and other name-brand content onto their personal Web pages.

"Our Home Page Headlines program gives GeoCities members free access to content that will make their sites even more vibrant, up-to-date and interesting," said Thomas R. Evans, President and CEO of GeoCities. "We believe consumers' ability to integrate iSyndicate's content into a personal Web page will attract new members to GeoCities and will help drive new traffic to our current Homesteader sites."

Home Page Headlines gives GeoCities members much of the same real-time content that's used by leading news organizations on the Internet. In addition, GeoCities members will be able to select headlines specific to their personal interests, so that a New York Yankees fan may include the latest Yankees news on his or her site, or an investor in the high-tech sector may add the latest news on Internet stocks.

"The power of the Internet is its ability to bring perishable and highly relevant information directly to individual users on a 24/7 basis," explained iSyndicate CEO Joel Maske. "In the past, this time-critical information could be found only on the websites of Internet portals and other major players. Through iSyndicate's partnership with GeoCities, Homesteaders may now offer their unique audience all the news and other information that's fit to link."