Gadfly Media Launches L.A.-Based Cosmetic Surgery Magazine

Posted on October 18, 1999

Gadfly Media has announced the launch of Cosmetic Surgery Magazine, a new quarterly cosmetic surgery publication. Gadfly Media claims the new publication will have a straightforward editorial style, sophisticated layout, and medically-accurate analysis of cosmetic surgery procedures, highlighting Southern California's top surgeons.

``As cosmetic surgery has generated so much public interest and has become a part of mainstream medicine, Cosmetic Surgery Magazine serves as an authoritative information source on new cutting-edge techniques,'' stated Michelle Kearney, editor-in-chief. ``With so much hype surrounding cosmetic surgery, the intent of the magazine is to provide prospective patients and the general public with factual information, as well as to privately educate them on the potential risks involved, anticipated costs, and realistic recovery times.''

The premiere issue of Cosmetic Surgery Magazine, to be officially released on Friday, October 22, offers 98 full-color pages that discuss issues and techniques involving lasers, fat removal, anti-aging treatments, hair loss, cosmetic dentistry and breast surgery. The magazine is published by Australia's Gadfly Media, an independent publishing and media company that launched a version of Cosmetic Surgery Magazine in Sydney last year and is now on its seventh issue.

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