FT.com Presents Exclusive Interview With Bill Gates

Posted on March 17, 1999

FT.com, the news and business information Web site of the Financial Times newspaper, has announced it will bring an exclusive FT interview to the Web. The story will also appear in the print edition of the Financial Times. The exclusive Gates interview was conducted by Louise Kehoe, the California-based U.S. Technology Editor for the Financial Times, who is one of the leading reporters on the West Coast technology industry.

In the extensive FT interview, Gates talks candidly about a range of topics including competition and the challenges Microsoft must face to stay on top. Gates admits Microsoft Windows' success is in part due to Microsoft's past vigilance in tracking competition.

Gates also shares with the FT his vision for the future and what he calls the "web lifestyle" in which information technology will stretch beyond the workplace to include things like "electronic babysitters" to watch children's playgroups or computer tablets to be used for reading electronic newspapers. Gates looks forward to this new world in which Internet access is ubiquitous and e-mail is the standard means of day to day personal communications.

FT.com also announced that throughout the week beginning March 29, it will publish a series of extracts from Gates' new book, Business @ the Speed of Thought.