Frank Rich to Write for New York Times Op-Ed Page and Sunday Magazine

Posted on February 2, 1999

Frank Rich, whose column "Journal" has appeared on The New York Times's Op-Ed page twice a week since January 1994, will write longer pieces for the Op-Ed Page and become a regular contributor to The New York Times Magazine. This new arrangement was announced by Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., publisher and chairman of the board. Mr. Rich will have the dual title of Op-Ed columnist and Magazine senior writer, a first for The Times.

This new arrangement is a response to Mr. Rich's desire to write lengthier essays and articles than allowed by the 700-word format of the Op-Ed column. Starting in June, he will write a 1,400-word opinion piece that will run on the Op-Ed page every other Saturday. He will also write articles and commentaries for The New York Times Magazine, which will give him the opportunity to explore a variety of subjects at greater length.

"This sharing of a marquee talent between the Op-Ed Page and the Magazine will give Frank increased scope and our Magazine a big boost," said Joseph Lelyveld, executive editor. "He'll continue to be a major cultural critic in every possible sense."

Mr. Rich's final 700-word column will run February 13. Then he will take a four-month leave of absence to finish a memoir for Random House and will return in June. Mr. Rich joined The Times in 1980 and served as its chief drama critic for 13 years before becoming a columnist. During the Presidential campaign year of 1992, Mr. Rich joined The Times's Washington reporter, Maureen Dowd, to write a daily column at the political conventions. They revived their daily column for Inauguration week in Washington in January 1993.