Former Jama Chief George D. Lundberg, MD, Named Editor in Chief of Medscape

Posted on February 24, 1999

George D. Lundberg, MD, the healthcare communication icon who served as editor of Jama for 17 years, was named editor in chief of Medscape today. Medscape is a leading medical site on the Web for physicians, other healthcare professionals, and consumers.

"The Web is revolutionizing access to healthcare information, and Medscape has set the standard of excellence in the medium," says Dr. Lundberg. "I am joining a team that is as passionate and dedicated as I am about improving healthcare by providing the highest quality information possible. Medscape's authoritative website and its talented team of editors and executives were the critical factors in my decision."

"With his impeccable reputation for editorial excellence and innovation, his commitment to the highest standards of medical information for physicians and patients, and his respected status in the medical community, Dr. Lundberg is a perfect match for everything Medscape stands for," says Paul Sheils, Chief Executive Officer of

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