Forbes ASAP Announces Its New Website

Posted on May 7, 1999

Forbes is now online. Forbes will feature at least three new stories each day. In addition, will feature Real-Audio interviews with major industry players, video feeds of industry speeches and roundtables (recorded and live), news summaries from wire and other services, and the best of's own tech coverage.

"Until now, ASAP's Web presence has been as a part of the presentation," says Michael S. Malone, editor of Forbes ASAP. "Now, with our own site, we are able to stretch out and show what we can do in this medium. In particular, look for us to produce fresh features and breaking stories daily."

"We've lined up top reporters from the trade and general press, as well as our own staffers, to report these stories," says Robert Grove, ASAP's director of media operations. "Our goal is not to just report the news of high tech, but lead it -- and to do so with the kind of top-down perspective this magazine is famous for."

Other features on the site will include "Geoff's Gems," a daily summary of important tech-related stories in the nation's magazines and newspapers, created by Geoff Baum, ASAP's economics editor and a principal in the company Geoff's Gems was recently listed by Brill's Content as one of the best sources for online tech news.

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