First Issue of New Journal, Cloning Edited by Ian Wilmut Published Today

Posted on June 11, 1999

The first issue of a new peer-reviewed journal, Cloning, has just been published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. The editor-in-chief is Ian Wilmut, Ph.D. of the Roslin Institute in Scotland, where Dolly the sheep, was cloned. The journal is published in print and online.

"The new cloning technology that lead to the birth of Dolly has the potential to provide revolutionary treatments in medicine," Dr. Wilmut said. "Treatments for diseases such as Parkinson's Disease and diabetes for which there is not fully effective treatment at present may be possible," Dr. Wilmut continued, "Cloning can make a contribution to human medicine that is equivalent to those from immunizations and antibiotics."

"This field has many complexities and uncertainties," said Mary Ann Liebert, president of Mary Ann Liebert, Inc." "A focused journal, bringing together seminal papers will bring the field together and foster scientific exchange and collaboration. Cloning is the fastest growing field in biomedical science and the area with the greatest implications for society's health and well-being."

Cloning will include papers on stem cells' germ line g enetic engineering; tissue regeneration; transgenics; nuclear transfer; oocyte maturation; and all other aspects of cloning. In addition to Cloning, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., is the publisher of Genetic Engineering News (GEN), the most widely-read publication in the biotechnology industry, and some 60 other publications in the biomedical field.