First Full-Length Film Spotted on iTunes

Posted on March 16, 2006

A Washington Post article says the first film full-length movie entry has been spotted on
First came the songs, then music videos and TV shows, and now Apple may be bringing movies to your home computer or video iPod.

Apple took the first step today by making the Disney Channel original film "High School Musical" available for a $9.99 download price. The made-for-TV movie is already widely popular among the "tween" set. The music soundtrack is highly sought-after on the iTunes site -- one of its songs is currently listed as the second most popular download in the soundtrack category.

"It shows how fast digital media technology is moving. The iTunes moniker is already wrong," said Phil Leigh, a senior analyst for Inside Digital Media Inc. "It's moving more quickly than Steve Jobs and Apple anticipated."
It hard to imagine Apple or Jobs were really very surprised given the fact that movies have been swapped online illegally for years. The Post article cited this entry on about the first full-length film entry on
Early this morning the first full length movie of was spotted on Apple's iTunes Music Store.

The iTunes link to High School Musical was accessible and offered a 1 hour 39 minute Disney Channel original TV movie. This 487MB file represents the first full length movie content that has appeared on iTunes. The movie was originally available for only $1.99 which was the same price as most iTunes Video content.

This content may have been posted prematurely, as the movie became inaccessible shortly after the original news item was posted. It has reappeared, but is now priced at $9.99.
Mac Rumors also says a full movie download service is expected from iTunes within weeks.