Fatbrain.com Debuts eMatter Content

Posted on October 18, 1999

Fatbrain.com has debuted its eMatter content for sale on its website. eMatter allows authors and publishers to digitally publish and sell their works and earn royalties from Fatbrain.com. More than 3,000 writers have registered to sell their work as eMatter content. In addition, publishers including CAP Ventures, Inc., The Coriolis Group, LLC., Fawcette Technical Publications, McGraw-Hill, O'Reilly & Associates, Publish Magazine, Red Herring, Salon.com and The Industry Standard also have signed up to provide eMatter content.

"Fatbrain.com's eMatter initiative has opened up an entirely new channel in the publishing arena that combines content security with a global delivery vehicle that will create the foundation of new publishing in the future," said Chris MacAskill, co-founder and CEO of Fatbrain.com. "The first word was spoken. Then it was written down. Then it was printed. Then it became controlled. Today the controls are being removed. A revolution is happening as we enter the new millennium."

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