English-Korean Internet Magazine Debuts

Posted on November 5, 1999

KoreanDay -- a division of the-day.com companies -- has launched a website, aimed at businesses and the community. The new site is a bilingual web magazine offering a variety of content ranging from high fashion to useful business tips.

"Koreans, who tend to be 'Net savvy, own more than 69,000 businesses in America with annual sales exceeding $7.6 billion, and the average Korean-American household has a reported income 12% higher than the U.S. average," notes Glenn D. Slovenko, CEO, who launched koreanday.com with partner Jai V. Bae, a native of South Korea. "Koreans are extremely homogeneous and ethnocentric, and tend to conduct business through relatives and other members of the Korean Community. They are loyal consumers with appreciable purchasing power."

koreanday.com is updated several times each week. The site features links to a bilingual online auction and downloadable music clips, as well as articles such as "Running a Family Business," "I Had Learned to Hate Exercising But Not Anymore," and interviews with Korean youths starting out on their careers in America.

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