eMotion Automotive Magazine Launches in Detroit

Posted on April 27, 1999

After a nearly two year gestation period, eMotion!, a global automotive magazine, debuts in the Detroit market on Tuesday, April 27, in the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press.

"This is actually a prelaunch," said Myron D. Stokes, founder and publisher, "and it was appropriate to do this in the world's automotive capital -- Detroit. The primary intent of the pre-launch is to let our clients and supporters know we have arrived on the scene. Believe me, it has been difficult and grueling, as anyone who has ever created a new publishing entity or similar undertaking will tell you."

Stokes, a former business correspondent for Newsweek, Newsweek International and Newsweek Japan, further stated that Detroit area circulation would be in the 80-100,000 range, followed within 30 days in five other cities with an additional 650,000.

"Our media placement people, Valassis Communications, recommended along with Detroit, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Miami initially. Obviously, these are among the world's greatest cities and perfect for meeting our primary readership target demographic objectives."

eMotion!, its name a play on the words motion and eMotion, is bi-monthly, has a readership demographic of 35-55 age group/$75,000+ household income and utilizes major newspapers as the primary distribution method. The time table for establishing eMotion!'s global presence encompasses the first and second launch phases for issue #1 in the six cities and 750,000 circulation; the same for issue #2, except 250,000 copies will be in Spanish; issue #3 ramps up to 1.5 million in 12 cities with 500,000 in Spanish; issue #4 increases to the magazine's typical 3.5 million in 25 cities of which one million will be in Spanish. By issue #5, eMotion is expected to be in all major languages with an anticipated global circulation of 23.5 million.

"Ambitious? Yes," said Stokes, "But I'm a firm believer in the ancient proverb that states 'if it can be imagined, it can be accomplished.' No one ever achieved any truly significant breakthrough in any area, and I sincerely hope eMotion! will come to be viewed as one, without perseverance, risk and difficulty. I've been truly fortunate to have a team of people including John Chuhran, who believe in the project and believe in me. I can't thank them enough."