Electronic Publisher Peanut Press Announces Site Enhancements

Posted on March 1, 1999

Electronic Publisher Peanut Press has announced new features and books available on its website. New features include an upgraded version of the free Peanut Reader software and the newly released Peanut MakeBook software. The website has also added first-run contemporary books from a variety of publishers' frontlists. The titles include subjects ranging from travel, business and history to science fiction, fiction and romance.

"Since we went live in October, our repeat business has been so strong that our challenge has been keeping up with the demand for a wide variety of new and exciting titles," said Mark Reichelt, CEO and co-founder of Peanut Press. "We're pleased to announce today that we're now selling over 90 books from an impressive list of publishers which continues to grow daily," Reichelt continued.

Publishers include such houses as Tor Books/St. Martin's Press; Avery Publishing Group; Council Oak Books; Aslan Publishing; Intrigue Press; Velocity Business Publishing; travel book publishers, Open Road publishing; and romance novel publisher, Dorchester Publishing.

"In addition to the new titles and publishers, our customers are also getting an improved reader on which to enjoy their books," said Jeff Strobel, Peanut Press president and company co-founder. "The upgraded Peanut Reader software offers users such improvements as faster paging, user-definable screen orientation, annotation editing plus many other features," continued Strobel.

Peanut Press establishes partnerships with major publishers of hardcover and paperback books, obtaining the subsidiary rights to reprint their books for the Peanut Press proprietary reader software. Founded in 1998 by Jeff Strobel and Mark Reichelt, Peanut Press is dedicated to providing secure electronic publishing, distribution, and sales of high-quality fiction and nonfiction. Peanut Press plans to offer books in the future for any hand-held device that gains significant market share.