eBay Magazine Hits Newsstands and Bookstores

Posted on July 9, 1999

eBay is introducing its new publication, eBay Magazine, and two books. eBay Magazine, a new lifestyle publication, debuts in August and is being published by Krause Publications.

"Over the past four years, a unique culture and community has formed on eBay. Millions of consumers worldwide come together daily on eBay to trade items of interest, make a living, and meet other collectors," said Brian Swette, senior vice president of marketing at eBay. "eBay has become a part of people's lives. We're excited to now offer people new ways to experience eBay in the offline world."

eBay Magazine, geared towards collecting consumers, will feature the latest trends in collecting, pop culture and the Internet. It will contain the news in collectibles, e-commerce, person-to-person trading, online entertainment and new technologies. The magazine will provide tips on how to buy, sell, invest and collect online. eBay Magazine will also report on the collecting habits of celebrities.

Krause Publications is the world's largest hobby publisher. Coin collector Chet Krause founded Krause Publications in 1952 when he launched a trader publication titled Numismatic News. Today, Krause publishes 37 periodicals in 12 collectible and hobby fields and offers more than 500 books covering the same topics.

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