eAI Journal Goes Live with Innovative Website

Posted on November 12, 1999

eAI Journal, a resource for e-business and application integration, has launched a new website to complement its hardcopy magazine, which reaches 50,000 IT and business professionals.

"The Website adds a tremendous capability to our overall publishing presence," said Bob Thomas, CEO of Thomas Communications, Inc., publisher of eAI Journal. "eAI Journal is the fastest growing of any publication I've started in 25 years. The Website is going to reach an even bigger, global audience. We are looking to unleash a whole new publishing model, whereby we bring the immediacy of the web and the portability of the printed word to bear on an extremely focused target market."

eAI Journal publishes articles and interviews with experts on a wide range of related issues, including e-business, ERP integration, data integration, middleware, process flow, and application hosting. The latest issue of the magazine contains a cover story on "A Brave New Economy" and in-depth features on: SAP integration, making the business case for middleware, integration challenges in B2B commerce and business process optimization.

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