DVD Spotlight Launches Online Magazine

Posted on July 28, 1999

DVD Spotlight has announced the opening of its new website, which will be devoted to DVD movie information. DVD Spotlight is a spin-off of the electronic zine, VideoLtd.Com DVD Spotlight. Features on the website include: reviews of DVD movies, online forums, contests and giveaways, spotlights on the stars, news, top DVD movie lists and a free weekly newsletter delivered by e-mail to subscribers.

"Even though there are some scattered sites where DVD collectors can find release information, I plan to make this site much more interactive," responds Bob Pardue, who is a DVD video enthusiast and founder of the 15 year old Video Ltd. movie stores. "I am able to do something online that would be very difficult in the stores. Right now, the physical stores have very little interest in DVD - which I feel will change in the near future - but there are thousands of surfers online who desperately need a magazine they can trust and an editor who can talk to them in layman's terms about the industry and, where they can talk to other people who enjoy movies on DVD. I strongly believe that I can meet that need with this site," states Pardue.

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