Dr. Drew Outlines Plans for New Health Website

Posted on June 24, 1999

Dr. Drew Pinsky, better known simply as "Dr. Drew", the co-host and creator of the nationally syndicated Loveline radio and television shows, has announced plans to launch an extension of his life's work with the debut of a comprehensive and interactive health and lifestyle website, drdrew.com. The new website is specifically designed for young people ages 14-34.

Drdrew.com, launching in September, 1999, will allow users to explore a wide range of physical, mental and emotional health topics as well as interact with other site members. The site aims to provide it's audience with hard to find information in a safe, compassionate and entertaining environment.

"Health issues for young people set the stage for a lifetime. I am grateful to have developed a relationship with this audience and I feel I have a responsibility to them," said Dr. Drew. "They have embraced the web, which provides me with a whole new way to communicate and provide information."

Dr. Drew will serve as the President and Editor-in-Chief of the site. The site will feature regular health content, including daily question and answer sessions with Dr. Drew, content from health organizations, searchable databases, access to a network of contributing doctors, support groups and contact information for local health services and professionals. Site members will be encouraged to participate in discussion of topics, polls and research, and real-life user stories will be featured daily. Drdrew.com will also offer profiles, interviews and chats with celebrities.