Dr. Dobb's Journal Launches Programmer's Search Engine

Posted on November 8, 1999

Dr. Dobb's Journal magazine has launched DevSearcher, a search engine tailored to the needs of software developers. DevSearcher indexes core programming information ranging from Java, Perl, and other programming languages, to operating systems, algorithms, and more.

Created and maintained by Steve Goyette, a professional software developer himself, DevSearcher was built to serve programmer's needs. "I originally built the DevSearcher engine because I needed something like it in my day to day programming work," Goyette explained. "And when I went looking for a suitable search engine, there just wasn't anything available that filled the bill. Consequently, I ended up creating DevSearcher." Goyette added that "I'm happy that my partnership with Dr. Dobb's Journal lets me share this useful information source with my fellow programmers around the world."

Dr. Dobb's Journal editor-in-chief Jonathan Erickson concurred, adding that "Like Steve, we've been looking for a really useful programmer's search engine like DevSearcher for a long time. We're very pleased that DevSearcher helps us better serve Dr. Dobb's Journal readers in particular, and the programming community in general."

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