Lauches New Site For Progressive Web Developers

Posted on May 27, 1999 has re-opened with new features for web developers. In addition to providing better navigation, more editorial content, and faster discussion forums, DevShed has focused its resources on the progressive webdeveloper looking for new tools and techniques. DevShed includes resources for both client-side and server-side web development technologies such as Javascript, MySQL, PHP server-side scripting, and search engine integration. is unique in its approach to teaching these technolgies. It has placed an emphasis on the growing base of open-source web development tools. DevShed uses the tools it teaches, and provides a way for users to see example code in action at the site. All articles use an integrated comments system to allow for user and author interaction.

Commenting on the resources available at, Thomas Rauch, Program Director of Applied Computing and Information System at UC Berkley Extention said, "DevShed is very well organized, and most helpful for those people who are just learning PHP3 and MySQL. As we develop some classes around this exciting new technology, I'll be sure to send students your way!"

Michael 'Monty' Widenus, the main moderator/developer of MySQL praised the role DevShed plays for web developers. "As open-source products gain more ground it's very important that new users can quickly grasp the new technologies and start using them with a minimum of trouble. provides great resources for this and plays a very important role. Devshed also takes the time to check their articles with the authors of the tools to ensure their articles are as accurate as possible!"