Conk Begins Production of Original Audio and Video Content

Posted on February 3, 1999

CONK!, a daily humor magazine and online community, has begun the production of original audio and video content for streaming broadcast on its website on a daily and weekly basis.

The new "CONK! TV" video features are made up of twice-weekly humorous RealVideo shorts, written and performed by the CONK! editorial staff and shot in-house by CONK!'s own technical personnel. For the first segment that inaugurated the series last week CONK!'s editor-in-chief James Touchi-Peters (a.k.a. "The CONK!Head") and a cameraman traveled to Washington, D.C. to "report" on the continuing crisis of the Clinton Presidency, shooting footage outside the White House and the Washington Monument. Clips airing this week include a "tour" of Baltimore; and an interview with "Randall Cunningham" explaining why the Minnesota Vikings didn't get into the Super Bowl.

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