Computer Shopper Launches CS Insider Website

Posted on April 26, 1999

Ziff-Davis' Computer Shopper has launched a marketing website at The site delivers information to technology marketers and builds upon Computer Shopper's history of providing technology marketing information and product trends.

"We are incredibly excited to introduce a new product that taps into the power of the Internet as a communication vehicle," says Al DiGuido, Executive Vice President E-commerce/Computer Shopper. "CS Insider is full of information to help marketers in all categories chart a strategy in today's challenging marketplace. We plan to cover key issues and market research affecting e-commerce and to provide specific information that marketers can put into action immediately to help improve their business."

CS Insider includes a variety of articles that will be updated and archived frequently, covering a range of topics from technology marketing and e-commerce trends to effective selling techniques for direct marketers. The site also features full research reports from Computer Shopper, including the "Value Added Report" - tracking configuration and pricing trends in the desktop and notebook markets, as well the "Computer Shopper Executive Summary" - monitoring top products and brands in print and on the web. CS Insider works in conjunction with ZDInsider, a Ziff-Davis customer relationship program designed to add value to the marketing programs of the companies who do business with ZD.

"Computer Shopper has been in the business of helping companies grow their businesses for 20 years," says Carla McLeod, Group Marketing Director. "We took that expertise to the web when we launched our website, on ZDNet. Now we're sharing that in the hopes that other companies will be able to find success in e-commerce."