Debuts Online

Posted on December 28, 1999

Advance Media Group has announced the debut of This new wire service will feature entertainment, fashion, sports and lifestyle articles primarily targeted to college readers. Content for the wire service is written by college students. Current contributors to the site include Advance Media Group's national publications, Collegiate Monthly 101 and Entertainment 101 and one of their partners, Spin

More specifically, the content will include interviews with film and television stars, sports figures and recording artists, reviews of the latest music and films, sports and fashion coverage of national events and general reflections on college life. Future plans also include adding syndicated information that focuses on college interests and broader national news. Media outlets can access and download any article they want, for a fee, and reprint them in their own publications.

"This was the next logical step for us," said Vance Diezel, CEO of Advance Media Group. "We know that the content in our publications is timely, topical and newsworthy and we hope that other media outlets will also find it useful."

Collegiate Monthly 101 and Entertainment 101 are national publications produced and distributed by Advance Media Group. They target the college community and can be found on and around college campuses in 37 cities across the United States. Their current readership tops more than 1,000,000 with more than 869 schools included in the distribution. Advance Media Group offices are open in Los Angeles and New York with corporate headquarters just outside of Philadelphia in Devon, Pennsylvania.