Collectors' Showcase Magazine Launches Collectibles News Service

Posted on June 1, 1999

Collectors' Showcase, a publication covering the character collectibles arena, has announced the official launch of CSliveWire, a new e-mail news service, and an accompanying collectibles giveaway promotion called "Gimme Free Stuff."

CSliveWire, which delivers summaries of collectibles news stories and links to related information, is available through the magazine's companion website. The site offers up-to-date industry news and insight drawn from the bi-monthly publication's editorial resources, along with previews of upcoming print stories, weekly interactive user polls and links to important industry sites.

The new "Gimme Free Stuff" promotion, which launches June 1st, 1999, offers users a chance to win one character collectible item each day. The editors say that the promotion will continue for the foreseeable future, joking that they will give away items "for as long as we feel like it." Chris Greer, Managing Editor of the print publication said, "Our readers love to win, we love collectibles ... it's a match made in heaven."

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