CNET Launches Website

Posted on March 31, 1999

CNET has announced the debut of, a CNET-produced site that will address issues surrounding the Millennium Bug. CNET joined forces with Washington DC-based Y2K, LLC, owner of the URL, to create the resource for Y2K information.

Founded by two entrepreneurial technology lawyers in Washington DC, has, to date, been a center for Y2K related topics, with a strong focus on legal issues surrounding the Y2K problem. The new launches today in cooperation with CNET.

"As the Government deadline approached, and global interest in Y2K continued to mount, we saw the need to expand the site's coverage to include information that goes far beyond the legal implications of Y2K," noted Greg Cirillo, co-founder of Y2K, LLC, owner the URL since 1996. "The Y2K issue has tremendous implications on technology, society, and the economy on a local, national and international scale. We knew CNET would be the clear choice in helping address the multitude of Y2K questions posed by scores of our site's visitors."

"Greg and Dan have done a tremendous job of building a great center for one of the most interesting topics of our day," said Tom Melcher, CNET's Executive Vice President of Strategic Development. "With our industry-leading sales force and our award winning content, CNET can bring to the next level."

Update: The Y2K resource is no longer available.

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