CIO Magazine to Expand Size, Enhance Content

Posted on September 20, 1999

IDG's CIO magazine has announced plans to expand editorial content, increase page size, and switch to a perfect binding format. Effective January 15, 2000, CIO magazine's content, design and overall size will change. In addition to case studies and analysis of technology and business, the expanded magazine promises to include more opinions, increased emerging technology coverage, highlights of legislative happenings, and in-depth company and people profiles. CIO will continue to publish 23 times/year: twice monthly with its traditional combo December 15th/January 1st issue.

"CIO was created 12 years ago as a champion for the unsung hero of worldwide business organizations -- the chief information officer," says CIO magazine Editor in Chief Abbie Lundberg. "CIOs are now in the executive boardroom and central to the success of private and public organizations alike. Their decisions impact not only their company's bottom line, but the global economy and society at large. With the stakes higher than ever before, it'''s time for CIO magazine to turn up the volume, bring CIOs together and facilitate an ongoing conversation on the critical issues. The enhancements will provide readers with a greater voice in the magazine and show a clear collaboration between CIOs and CIO magazine."

CIO Communications, Inc. was formed in 1987 to help chief information officers (CIOs), information technology (IT) executives and other senior management executives succeed in their enterprises through the use of information technology. In addition to publishing CIO magazine, the company also produces the CIO website and develops and produces CIO Executive Programs. CIO magazine is a publication of International Data Group (IDG).