Chicago Tribune Launches Digital City Chicago

Posted on May 21, 1997

Digital City Chicago, on the World Wide Web at and on America Online (AOL) at keyword: CHICAGO provides a world of information about the city for residents and visitors alike that is interesting, useful and fun. The Digital City sites are useful tools for writers looking for a starting place for research on an unfamiliar city.

As a service of the Chicago Tribune, DCC has a great deal of information at its disposal and at its users' fingertips. Digital City Chicago has a wide variety of content providers already on board, and states that many more will be joining in the near future.

In addition to the Chicago Tribune, these providers currently include: •WTTW •WVAZ - FM (V103) •Chicago Magazine •Crain's Chicago and Small Business •WKQX-FM (Q101) •North Star Net •Black Voices •¡Exito! •WGN-AM •WGN-TV •CLTV News •Chicago Symphony Orchestra •Ravinia •Chicago District Golf Association •Chicago's Amateur Athlete.

On-line partner WTTW Channel 11 has launched an area on DCC (AOL keyword: WTTW or focusing on John Callaway's Chicago Tonight show that will include online chats with Callaway immediately following selected programs. Crain's Chicago Business and Crain's Small Business continue a nearly three-year successful relationship with Digital City Chicago (AOL keyword: Crains or

In addition, Digital City Chicago has a growing list of marketplace partners offering online transactions. These currently include: Phillips Flowers, Peapod, American Lung Association, and United Cerebral Palsy.

Digital City Chicago utilizes Metromix, a new search feature that allows the user to search by type of entertainment or by location. Restaurants can be searched for by price or by type of food served. Metromix was developed in conjunction with Quantum Leap Communications, a subsidiary of the Leap Group, Inc. It can be found inside Digital City Chicago or directly on the World Wide Web at