Censored Gawker Blogs to Run on Yahoo News

Posted on November 16, 2005

Yahoo has cut a content deal with Gawker Media to feature posts from Gawker blogs starting with these five: Gawker, Wonkette, Gizmodo, Defamer and Lifehacker. ClickZ has an article with information about Yahoo's profanity filter:
"We've said all along, we're always going to rely on the content we get from our partners," said Yahoo! spokesman Brian Nelson.

Nelson added Gawker's content, frequently laced with profanities, will pass through a language filter before appearing on the news portal. "The content isn't for everyone... Of course, all of it will be in line with our editorial policies," he said. "There won't be profanity running on our site."
The HuffPo already has a similar content deal with Yahoo. PaidContent reported the Yahoo-Gawker news but even they didn't know the financial terms of the deal. That is something Yahoo and Gawker are not going to reveal. PaidContent says the other Gawker blogs will be included. Some will be on other Yahoo sites, such as posts from Defamer in the Yahoo Entertainment section.

Some of the blog posts are already live on Yahoo.

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