Camp Chaos Announces Launch of Monkey for President Website

Posted on October 29, 1999

Web-animation team Camp Chaos has launched a new website, Monkey for President, featuring weekly short Flash cartoons centered around the Presidential candidacy of Monkey - a mischievous, animated primate - who made his first appearance in the Camp Chaos video game 'Spank the Monkey'.

The cartoons are presented in the form of C-SPAN style reports, or in this case C-SPANK, and they center around the Monkey character wrecking havoc everywhere he goes, as a Bulworth-style satire of Presidential campaigns. One of the pilot episodes has Monkey facing off against Pat Buchanan while both are promoting their respective campaign publications.

Camp Chaos founder and lead animator, Bob Cesca, said, "We plan on releasing a new animated report every week between now and Election Day 2000. And a lot can happen between now and then."

"The hook," Cesca said, "is that Monkey is simply that -- a monkey. He's not anthropomorphized at all, yet he's running for President. It's mostly satirizing the mood of this campaign, with all the non-traditional candidates throwing their hats into the ring. In this case, Monkey is throwing his feces into the ring." Episodes are written and animated by Cesca, along with Tara Donnon, Tim Panella and Mike Cervantes.

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