Business Week Launches Quarterly On Electronic Business

Posted on March 15, 1999

Business Week Magazine has launched Business Week, a quarterly report on electronic business, in its March 22 issue. For the debut issue, the Business Week team interviewed experts on the front lines of E-business. Business Week has also launched a new website,, which is updated daily, with extra stories, columnists, data, and insights.

"Electronic business is uncharted territory, so expect trip-ups as well as triumphs," says Kathy Rebello, managing editor of Business Week and the magazine's senior editor in charge of information technology coverage. "Business Week quarterly will deal with the big issues and trends -- how to profit, how to avoid the pitfalls, and who the people are behind it. We'll always keep the broad perspective, but future issues will drill down into how specific parts of companies can remake themselves."

As the first non-techie magazine to do a cover story on the Internet (1994), Business Week has had an early start in covering the phenomenon, and continued to publish stories regularly on how the technology behind the Internet was linking companies and bringing them closer to their customers. The coverage grew into a series of special reports on electronic commerce. Two special reports in 1998 were capped with an additional 30-page package, "Doing Business in the Internet Age."

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