and Centerseat Team Up to Create Borders Vision

Posted on December 8, 1999, a retailer of books, music and video, and Centerseat LLC, a digital media company, have announced an exclusive alliance to create Borders Vision, an entertainment experience designed for book and music lovers who visit

Borders Vision will offer bibliophiles and music lovers the opportunity to view programming tailored to their tastes, purchase Borders products, and watch selections from Borders' in-store events. Borders hosts more than 90,000 events per year, featuring authors, musicians and other artists. As part of the agreement, Centerseat will film and present these events at Borders Stores across the country

"Our alliance with Centerseat is a major step forward in our quest to blend the best of the in-store and online Borders experiences for our customers," said Karen Tyree, Borders Vice President of Internet Services. "Centerseat's innovative presentation model will help bring book and music lovers from around the world together in a community with shared experiences. By covering events at our stores, it will be possible for a Harry Potter fan in Honolulu to enjoy a reading by author J.K. Rowling at a Borders store in New Jersey, thousands of miles away."

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