Names Brian Casey Editor in Chief

Posted on August 5, 1999 -- an upcoming Internet site for radiologists and professionals in the medical imaging industry -- has named Brian Casey as Editor in Chief. Casey will direct's editorial team in making news, educational content and resources available to radiology specialists. Updated on a daily basis, the portal will feature original content, as well as radiology-specific articles and educational resources aggregated from a wide variety of sources.

"Aunt Minnie," a term that is well known among radiologists, is used to describe a specifically recognized medical condition, much the same way one recognizes the unique face of a favorite aunt. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lumisys, Inc., a provider of desktop medical imaging appliances.

Casey brings 10 years of print journalism experience to He has covered the radiology industry in detail for seven years, as business editor of Diagnostic Imaging and editor of Diagnostic Imaging SCAN, the most widely read medical imaging industry newsletter. He holds bachelors and masters degrees in broadcasting from the University of Arizona and San Francisco State University, respectively.

"It's our goal to make an indispensable online resource for the radiology community," Casey said. "With, radiologists will be able to cut through the clutter of the Web and get all the information they need from a single source."