Audio Book Club to Launch Media Portal Website

Posted on April 8, 1999

Audio Book Club, Inc. has announced the development of a media portal website. When launched early this summer, the fully-integrated site will offer a variety of content and e-commerce opportunities, enabling users to join Audio Book Club, purchase products from several different retail categories, and click directly through to the company's various websites.

Norton Herrick, Chairman and CEO, stated, "We believe that the development of a product and content-rich portal site allows us the opportunity to fully take advantage of the continually increasing number of visitors to our web sites, thus allowing us to maximize revenues by providing these visitors a simple way to browse, sample and purchase from our existing wealth of products and content."

The company also announced today the appointment of Stephen McLaughlin as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. In this capacity, Mr. McLaughlin will serve as head of the company's newly created Technology Advisory Board, and will oversee the development of the new media portal website, among other things.

"We are equally pleased to welcome Stephen McLaughlin to our management team. Steve is an expert on the capabilities of the Internet and will be a great asset as we continue to expand our Internet presence and solidify our position as a leading Internet audio content provider," Mr. Herrick concluded.