American Lawyer Media Launches Magazine For Law Students

Posted on December 8, 1999

American Lawyer Media, Inc. (ALM) has announced the launch of L, a new quarterly on-campus magazine targeted to students at law schools in the U.S. Developed by ALM's new Custom Publishing Group, the preview issue of L will be distributed to more than 50,000 second and third-year students at 129 law school campuses around the country.

The first issue of L combines legal, career and lifestyle features on topics ranging from the grading of bar exams to online investing to the impact and evolution of law firm-based television series. The magazine's cover highlights a contributed article, from Ben Stein, Comedy Central game show host and member of the Yale Law School class of 1970. L also includes previously unpublished material from the 1999 Associates Survey from The Amencan Lawyer, and a profile of Stanford law student, business student and entrepreneur Janar Wasito, typical of today's hybrid law student who is as likely to be found negotiating a dot-com deal as attending class. A back-of-the-book lifestyle section looks at voice recognition software, job-related websites and fiction with a legal bent, from Scott Turow to Charles Dickens.

Current plans call for a four-time publication schedule in 2000, with L issues timed to the spring and fall semester class schedules. Future enhancements will include electronic publication of content created for L and print integration of online career networking content developed by ALM and recently announced a strategic alliance to deliver content targeted at law students and young associates, including surveys, job listings, articles and law firm workplace profiles through current and future ALM publication channels.

"L's focus on the law student market segment extends our publishing strategy and audience to professionals just entering the industry," said William Pollak, president and CEO of American Lawyer Media. "It will allow us to build relationships with these readers at the earliest stages of their careers, while providing a new outlet for targeted content developed by ALM publications and partners, such as"