American Experience Online Launches Lindbergh Feature

Posted on March 25, 1999

To a generation of Americans, Charles A. Lindbergh -- "The Lone Eagle" -- was the greatest hero. In 1927, at twenty-five years old, Lindbergh became the first man to fly non-stop from New York to Paris. But the struggle to wear the mantle of legend and live an ordinary life would prove to be a consuming one. The Lindbergh website follows Lindbergh's historic flight and meteoric rise to hero status, chronicles the glaring light of public attention under which he and his family lived, and examines the speeches and actions that led to his controversial, public downfall.

A completely new website, "Lindbergh" accompanies the re-broadcast of The American Experience's one-hour documentary on Lindbergh on Monday, March 22 at 9pm on PBS (check local listings). The American Experience Online appears on PBS Online. The site also contains an enhanced program transcript, extended transcripts of interviews used in the program, a teachers' guide and a bibliography.

The American Experience Online produces a companion website for every new television broadcast of The American Experience's, with information beyond the broadcast including program schedules, teachers' guides, audience feedback and links to related sites. The American Experience Online also produces WayBack: U.S. History for Kids, a Webzine targeted to kids ages 9 to 13, first released in November 1998. The current issue, released earlier in March, provides a lively, interactive look at the Gold Rush. Future issues will launch in April and May 1999.

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