200 Years of News at Google

Posted on September 15, 2006

Google has added a new feature that lets users crunch through 200 years of newspaper archives. The articles returned include both free and fee-based newspaper archives. The BBC says Google won't reveal the exact number of sources in their news archives search tool.
The new service searches hundreds of different news sources to answer a user's query. The exact number of sources is confidential.

Results are presented in similar fashion to a Google News search, with "related" articles about the same event grouped together. Free and charged-for articles are displayed side by side.

With pages from commercial websites, the cost of viewing them is also shown. Google says search results are based on relevance, not partnerships with companies.

Users can also view articles using a timeline that displays key dates associated with a story.

So the first Moon landing would highlight 1969 as a key date, but also identify other years when lunar landings took place or when the topic was in the news.
You can type in any famous person or place and Google will return a timeline of events using news articles.