Pinterest Seeks Brand Writer

Company: Pinterest

Job Title: Brand Writer

Location: San Francisco, CA

Years Experience Required: 4+ years

Pinterest is looking for Brand Writers to join the Pinterest writing team. The work will include pitching campaign ideas, writing blog announcements and scripts, mindmelding with designers and more. They looking for writers with 4+ years of experience in content strategy, marketing and blogging.

Pinterest says in its job listing, "Pitch campaign ideas, bring event spaces to life, make us stand out on social media, brainstorm new ways for Pinterest to show up in the world, write blog announcements/ emails/video scripts...really what CAN’T you do?"

Tips for Applicants: This is a contract position. The listing mentions needing writers, suggesting there is more than one opening.

How to Apply: Apply for this job and find more job details.

This job listing was posted on The Write Jobs on September 24, 2019