Placing a Job Listing

To post a new job listing, please follow the link below to the appropriate form. Credit cards, checks and money orders are all accepted as payment. Credit card ordering is available through our secure server. Corporations may also elect to be invoiced for their ad. Please fill out the Check Order Form if you wish to be invoiced for your ad. Invoices are payable upon receipt.

The minimum placement for a job ad is 5 weeks. Job ads are updated daily on U.S. business days. The cost for a job ad is $125 for 5 weeks and $195 for 10 weeks. You will have an entire page for your job listing.
  • Click here to order by check. (U.S. companies, only).
  • Click here to order by credit card on our secure server.
  • Click here to fill out the abbreviated order form, if you have purchased a pre-paid Job Package.
If you have any questions please contact us by email at:

Also Available: Job Packages

If you will be placing several job ads, please consider purchasing a Job Package. Job packages give a volume discount to companies who post several jobs, or who wish to simplify the billing process. Job packages are payable in advance by check or credit card. You will be given an account number, which you will enter on the shortened online form where you will place each individual job ad.
Why Advertise on The Write Jobs TM?

Because it is the most efficient and effective way to attract the best qualified candidates to your company. The Write JobsTM is a specialty service that provides employers with the opportunity to reach bloggers, journalists, editors, staff writers, freelancers, technical writers, copywriters, graphic designers, publicists and other media and publishing professionals.

The service is part of The Writers Write® Network, a network of media and publishing industry websites, which includes, a professional resource for writers, and, a news website for media and publishing professionals. The Writers Write® Network receives over 3 million page views each month. Qualified candidates have been consulting our job listings since mid-1997. In fact, advertisers frequently request that we remove their listings before the expiration date of the ad, because they fill the jobs so quickly. Our job listings are detailed and well-formatted, allowing the employer to give complete details about the job being offered.

Who Advertises on The Write Jobs TM?

Since 1997 companies of all sizes, including major Fortune 500 companies, have used The Write Jobs to find skilled new employees.


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