Joss Whedon to Receive SFWA Bradbury Award

Posted on February 17, 2009

Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse, has been named recipient of the Bradbury Award for excellence in screenwriting. The award will be presented by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) at Nebula Awards weekend in Los Angeles, Calif., April 24-26..
"Like everyone who picks up a pen, I was a rabid Bradbury fan and as greatly influenced by him as any other writer I read," Whedon said. "To receive the award named for him is an honor I'd not dreamed of. In my defense, it didn't exist back then. What did exist were the very lovely, very twisted and very human stories that warped my impressionable mind, and that I have tried, in whatever medium they will let me, to measure up to."

Created in 1992 by then-President Ben Bova and named after famed author and screenwriter Ray Bradbury, the Bradbury Award is a special president's award presented for outstanding genre-themed work in a dramatic medium. Previous Bradbury Award winners are James Cameron for Terminator 2 (1992), J. Michael Straczynski for Babylon 5 (1999) and Yuri Rasovsky and Harlan Ellison for 2000X - Tales of the Next Millennia, a National Public Radio series (2001).

"I'm very excited to be giving this honor to Joss Whedon in recognition of his substantial and superior body of work, including Buffy, Angel, Firefly and the Serenity film, as well as Dr. Horribleļæ½s Sing-A-Long Blog," said SFWA President Russell Davis. "His impact as a writer, producer and director on the science fiction and fantasy film and television landscape is undeniable, and he is more than deserving of this recognition from our organization."
Congratulations to Joss Whedon! He is certainly worthy of the honor for his terrificly entertaining shows.

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