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Wikipedia is a community-edited online encyclopedic resource. It is the post known type of Wiki website. It has information about many people, places and things. Here is the latest coverage of Wikipedia from our blogs:

  • Ten Most Controversial Topics on Wikipedia Revealed (2013-07-21): The ten most controversial topics on Wikipedia have been revealed through a study of the online encyclopedia's ongoing edit wars.

  • Major Websites Black Out to Protest SOPA and PIPA Internet Censorship Bills (2012-01-18): Many major websites have gone dark today to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) which are currently pending in both houses of Congress.

  • Chris Anderson Says Copied Wikipedia Passages Were Unintentional Mistake (2009-06-25): Wired editor in chief Chris Anderson has admitted that some of the passages in his new book Free: The Future of a Radical Price were copied from Wikipedia.

  • Wikipedia Versus Libraries (2007-08-01): Richard Farmbrough, a 45-year-old technology project manager living in England, is said to be the person with the most Wikipedia entries.

  • No Love For NoFollow? (2007-02-16): Wikipedia recently added no follow tags in a lame spam fighting attempt that has not gone over well.

  • Wikipedia Doghouse for Microsoft (2007-01-24): Microsoft has tried to buy its way around Wikipedia (or should we say Nofollowpedia).

  • Wikipedia Applies Nofollow Bandage in Lame Spam Fighting Attempt (2007-01-22): Wikipedia has made the decision to add the nofollow attribute to all external links on the English language Wikipedia site.

  • Wikileaks: A Wiki for Whistleblowers (2007-01-21): The Syndney Morning Herald reports that a new wiki website called Wikileaks could make things considerably more difficult for corrupt governments and corporations by allowing whistleblowers an anonymous place for leaking confidential documents.

  • Wikipedia Launches WikiSeek Search Tool (2007-01-16): Wikipedia has launched a new search tool called WikiSeek.

  • Wikipedia's War on Blogs Continues as Matt Cutts' Page is Targeted for Deletion (2007-01-09): We first mentioned Wikipedia's war on blogs before in a post on December 7th when Tony Pierce's Wikipedia page was up for deletion.

  • Top-Cited Wikipedia Entries by Bloggers in 2006 (2006-12-28): Nielsen BuzzMetrics has released data about which Wikipedia articles bloggers most referenced from January 1st to December 10th.

  • Wikipedia Founder to Launch Search Engine (2006-12-23): Earlier today Times Online reported that Wikipedia founder Jimmy Whales is planning a search engine called Wikiasari that will launch early next year compete with today's search leaders like Google, Live.

  • Wikipedia Blogger Pages Being Targeted for Deletion (2006-12-07): A war against blogs is being waged at Wikipedia.

  • Wikipedia Founder to Launch Citizendium (2006-09-19): Wikipedia founder Larry Sanger is launching a new project called Citizendium.

  • WikiCharts Shows Most Visited Wikipedia Articles (2006-08-27): A new website called WikiCharts is listing the top articles from Wikipedia.

  • Stephen Colbert and Wikiality (2006-08-05): https://www.

  • Will Blogging Follow the 1% Rule? (2006-07-23): A Guardian article looks the 1% rule and what it means for content creation.

  • Ken Lay's Death Confuses Wikipedia (2006-07-05): Today's story about Former Enron CEO Ken Lay's death from a heart attack has been discussed in numerous blogs.

  • Christina Aguilera Protected From Naughty Wikipedia Writers (2006-06-17): Wikipedia is a community-edited encylopedia but it no longer allows just anyone to edit anything.

  • Wikipedia Joke Not So Funny (2005-12-12): Wikipedia is a great resource but something must be done to prevent the creation of fake entries, particularly when they are about people.