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Here are the latest posts about Widgets on Writers Write:

  • Time-Relevant Widget Needed? (2008-04-20): Author and designer Jeffrey Zeldman recently left an interesting comment in a post on zeldman.

  • Feedjit Live Web Traffic Widget (2007-09-07): Feedjit is offering a widget that provides information about who is visiting your blog or website.

  • The Incredible Embeddable Web (2007-08-20): Steve Rubel has an article in Ad Age today that talks about the trend towards bite-sized nuggets of information and bite-sized applications.

  • AOL Launches AIM Widget for Blogs and Websites (2007-06-30): AOL has launched a new widget that will allow bloggers and website owners to interact with their users.

  • MySpace Envious Of Facebook's Widget Success (2007-06-30): The Financial Times is reporting that MySpace is making plans to open its network to allow outside companies to create widgets just like Facebook recently did.

  • MyBlogLog Adds Tags to Organize Blogs (2007-05-29): MyBlogLog has added a useful new feature -- tagging.

  • MySpace Acquires Flektor, a Widget Creation Tool (2007-05-16): TechCrunch is reporting that MySpace is buying Flektor, a service that lets people quickly create widgets using text, music, photos and video.

  • Technorati Considering Widget Ads? (2007-04-25): Technorati's widget survey has sparked some interest in the blogosphere.

  • Facebook to Allow Outside Widgets? (2007-04-17): Wired's Listening Post is reporting that the popular social networking website Facebook is going to open up and allow outside widgets onto people's Facebook profiles.

  • Netvibes Planning Widgets (2007-02-13): Business 2.

  • Snap Preview Anywhere: Fantastic or Annoying? (2007-01-30): Nick Wilson at Performancing explains why Snap.

  • Widget Madness: Add Bling to Your Blog (2007-01-18): The New York Times has an article about the emergence of widgets.

  • 2007 Year of the Widget? (2007-01-03): Business 2.

  • Kineda Launches Blogger Ranking Widget (2006-11-20): Kineda has launched a linkbait widget that spits back your blog rank and a funky pink badge.

  • The Power of Widgets (2006-09-02): Fred Wilson blogs that he thinks the "widgets" provided by MySpace and YouTube are at least partly responsible for their huge sucess.

  • Opinmind Offers Blog Add-on (2006-03-13): Opinmind, a search engine that lists bloggers' opinions, has a new feature called StikIt.

  • Add Things to Your Blog or Blast It Into Space (2005-07-19): Today you can do much more with your blog than just blog.