White House

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  • Melania Trump Reads Party Animals at White House Easter Egg Roll (2017-04-17): Melania Trump read the Party Animals by Kathie Lee Gifford at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

  • Donald Trump Blows a Kiss at FBI Director James Comey (2017-01-23): Donald Trump blew a kiss to FBI Director James Comey during their first meeting at The White House. Find out more and watch Comey's reaction to the kiss in the video.

  • Stocks Plunge Briefly Following Fake Tweet From Hacked AP Twitter Account (2013-04-23): Stocks plunged briefly and then recovered after a fake tweet from the AP Tiwtter account said there was an attack at the White House.

  • Trailer for Olympus is Fallen Starring Gerard Butler (2013-01-24):

  • Toni Morrison Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom (2012-05-29):

  • Jeff Kinney Reads From Diary of a Wimpy Kid at 2012 White House Easter Egg Roll (2012-04-13):

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  • White House Joins MySpace, Twitter and Facebook (2009-05-01):

  • White House Adviser Paul Begala Joins George Magazine (1999-02-25):