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Here are the latest posts about Technology on Writers Write:

  • CNN Gets FAA Approval to Test Drones for News Gathering (2015-01-14): CNN has announced it worked out a deal with the Federal Aviation Administration so it can test drones for news gathering purposes.

  • Steve Jobs Disses the Kindle (2008-01-19): At Macworld Expo, Steve Jobs introduced the MacBook Air -- a super thin laptop computer that looks fabulous but doesn't have much power and only one USB port.

  • Buzz Over Possible Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Fading Away (2007-05-04): The top story on Techmeme and Megite today is a story that has appeared in the New York Post, Financial Times and elsewhere that says Microsoft is interested in acquiring Yahoo.

  • Ad Revenue Based Web 2.0 Companies Will Need Massive Traffic to Thrive (2007-03-17): A New York Times article discusses analysis by venture capitalist Jeremy Liew that indicate that it may take monster traffic to build a company that makes $50 million a year in ad revenues.

  • E-Ink's BlueChute E-ink Tablet (2007-03-11): Engadget has found another attractive think e-ink display that blogs may one day be read on.

  • Ten Diminishing Careers Include Cashiers and Book Binders (2007-01-23): Advancement in technologies combined with the offshoring (or outsourcing) of jobs to cheap overseas labor is pushing some careers towards extinction.

  • Inkless Metal Pen (2007-01-18): Gizmodo reports that a stainless steel metal pen writes without using any ink.

  • Future Tech Jobs Will Need Versatile Workers (2006-08-01): Future technology jobs will require less raw programming talent according to an article in Computerworld.

  • CNET Sells Computer Shopper (2006-02-09): Dow Jones reports that CNET will sell its Computer Shopper magazine after a Quarterly Report that was below expectations.

  • Workers Confused by Computer Jargon (2005-09-26): The BBC reports on a study by Computer People that found workers are confused by computer terminology and software.

  • USA Today to Publish Technology Magazine (2005-09-18): USA Today has announced plans to publish a glossy 80-page consumer technology magazine.

  • Yahoo Plans Gadget Website (2005-06-20): The Media Post reports that Yahoo is planning to launch a gadget and tech website.

  • Ken Beach Rejoins Ziff Davis Media (2005-04-03): Ziff Davis Media announced that Ken Beach has rejoined the Company as Senior Vice President of Corporate Sales.

  • New York Times Ending Circuits Section (2005-03-17): The New York Times has announced more enhancements to the newspaper, including a new, mid-week cousin of the Sunday Styles section to make its debut Thursday, April 14.

  • Ziff Davis Names Kristin Holmes VP of International Licensing (2005-03-05): Ziff Davis Media Inc.

  • Launches (2005-03-01): Advancedimagingpro.

  • E Ink Unveils Ultra-Thin Active-Matrix Display (2002-06-27): E Ink Corporation, a developer and marketer of electronic ink technology for paper-like displays, announced its demonstration of the world's thinnest active-matrix displays.

  • New Magazine To Focus on The Future of Wireless (2001-09-13): A new industry publication, Wireless Future Magazine, will speculate on this future by focusing on new generations of wireless and their impact on industries and society.