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  • Twitter Updates Twitter Search, Adds Results From People You Follow (2012-07-08): Twitter announced on July 6th an update to Twitter search.

  • Meltwater Group Buys IceRocket Social Search Engine (2011-08-05): Meltwater Group has purchased the IceRocket search engine.

  • Bing Search Returns Tweet From Popular Twitter Accounts (2009-07-02): Microsoft's new search engine Bing is now indexing tweets from some popular Twitter accounts.

  • Yahoo to Cut 1,500 Jobs (2008-10-23): Yahoo, Inc.

  • Google Adding Blogs to Universal Search (2007-12-14): eWeek reports that Google is going to add blogs to its Universal Search alongside images, news, books, maps and videso.

  • Faster Web Searching With Dashes (2007-04-15): Steve Rubel blogs about how web searching by using dashes instead of quotes can save you time.

  • Where's Wally Search Engine Coming (2007-03-02): Where's Wally was a popular children's character featured in books that were published in over fifty languages.

  • Wikipedia Founder to Launch Search Engine (2006-12-23): Earlier today Times Online reported that Wikipedia founder Jimmy Whales is planning a search engine called Wikiasari that will launch early next year compete with today's search leaders like Google, Live.

  • Google Pimps Blogger in Search Results (2006-12-20): Want to Share Your Life Online With a Blog? is the question Google is asking to promote its Blogger service in Google search results.

  • Danny Sullivan Leaving Search Engine Watch (2006-08-29): Web search expert Danny Sullivan blogs that he is leaving Search Engine Watch.

  • Yahoo Debuts New Search Technology (2004-03-12): Yahoo! Inc.

  • Overture Acquires Search Engine (2003-03-07): Overture Services, Inc.

  • Overture to Acquire AltaVista Search Engine (2003-02-22): Overture Services, Inc.

  • Launches Question & Answer Service (2000-03-21): AskMe.

  • WebSideStory Launches StatMarket (1999-01-26): WebSideStory, a provider of Internet traffic analysis has announced the launch of StatMarket, a dynamically updated website that publishes demographic and computing data collected from over twenty-five thousand websites and ten million unique visitors a day.