Here are the latest posts about Nsa on writerswrite.com:

  • 2014 Pulitzer Prizes for Journalism Announced (2014-04-14): The winners of the 2014 Pulitzer Prizes for Journalism have been announced. The Guardian and New York Times won awards for the NSA PRISM coverage.

  • Protesters Want NSA To Stop Spying on Public (2013-10-26): Protesters carrying signs with Edward Snowded's photograph rallied near the U.S. Capitol to complain about the NSA's spying program.

  • Google Denies Participating in NSA's Secret PRISM Program (2013-06-07): Google has denied participating in Google's secret PRISM program. Google says they have never even heard of it.

  • NSA Monitoring Blogs for Leaks (2006-08-30):