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Here are the latest posts about MyBlogLog on Writers Write:

  • MyBlogLog Adds Tags to Organize Blogs (2007-05-29): MyBlogLog has added a useful new feature -- tagging.

  • Yahoo to Rebrand MyBlogLog (2007-05-13): David Dalka reports that MyBlogLog is going to get rebranded.

  • MyBlogLog Plugs Security Holes and Bugs. Explains Ad Clicks (2007-02-24): There has been a lot of discussion lately about bugs, spam and security holes on MyBlogLog, the popular social networking widget for blogs.

  • Yahoo Buys MyBlogLog For Real This Time (2007-01-08): A couple months ago there was a rumor that Yahoo had purchased MyBlogLog for about $10 million.

  • A Blog Without MyBlogLog is Still a Blog (2007-01-02): Dave Winer has posted a response to the ongoing blog comments argument.

  • MyBlogLog Still Independent (2006-11-20): MyBlogLog has not yet been sold despite rumors it was acquired by Yahoo.

  • Yahoo Acquires MyBlogLog and Bix (2006-11-17): Yahoo has apparently acquired the MyBlogLog service that adds social networking type features to blogs.