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Here are the latest posts about Military Blogs on Writers Write:

  • President Bush Meets With Bloggers (2007-09-19): The Washington Post reports that President Bush met with bloggers following his recent Iraq speech.

  • Army Clamps Down on Blogs Again (2007-05-05): Wired reports that an updated document (PDF) from the U.

  • Wounded Soldier Blogging From Walter Reed (2007-03-15): A wounded soldier has started a blog about life inside the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

  • U.S. Military Blocking Access to Liberal Blogs? (2006-10-27): Wonkette reports that the U.

  • Military Monitoring Blogs For OPSEC Violations (2006-10-16): Defense Tech has a post about an Army News Story that says a team of Virginia National Guard troops are monitoring blogs and websites for the slightest OPSEC violation.

  • Doonesbury Cartoonist Garry Trudeau to Launch Military Blog (2006-09-29): Garry Trudeau, the author of the Doonesbury cartoon, will be launching a military blog, called The Sandbox, on doonesbury.

  • Military Psyops Propaganda Flowing Through the Blogosphere (2006-01-27): The BBC discusses a recently declassified document called the Information Operations Roadmap that was written by officials at the Pentagon in 2003.

  • Acquires Milblogging Military Blog Directory (2006-01-18): The Military dotcom site has acquired, a directory of over 1,150 military blogs.

  • U.S. Army Offers Content to Blogs Through PR Firm (2006-01-12): A post on William M.

  • U.S. Military Clamps Down on Soldiers' Blogs (2006-01-04): The U.S. military has opted to maintain tighter control over milblogs according to a Newsday story.

  • General Insists on Blog Comments (2005-03-28): If the General tells you to respond to his blog, you'd better do it.

  • Blogging in the Military (2005-03-11): The Army Times has an interesting article about some soldiers who are making money by blogging in Internet cafes.