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Here are the latest posts about Gawker on Writers Write:

  • Univision to Buy Gawker Media for $135 Million (2016-08-16): Gawker is being sold to Univision for $135 million. Univision outbid Ziff Davis for the blog network.

  • Sean Parker Plans to Launch Blog (2011-10-01): Gawker reports that Sean Parker is planning on launching a blog.

  • Websites Send Password Warnings After Gawker's User Database Hacked (2010-12-15): Website like Amazon.

  • Gawker Media Launches Jezebel (2007-05-23): Gawker Media has launched a new blog called Jezebel.

  • Gawker a Buyout Candidate? (2006-09-14): Frank Barnako reports that Gawker was one of the companies in a list of buyout candidates presented by an investment banker to the Online Publishers Association.

  • Sploid Gone Forever (2006-08-16): Gawker Media's Sploid posted a link-filled goodbye post today claiming they are going the way of the dodo.

  • Yahoo and Gawker Deal to End (2006-07-22): Nick Denton blogs that the Gawker-Yahoo content deal where censored content from some Gawker Media blogs appeared on Yahoo is coming to an end.

  • Clooney Suggests Flooding Gawker Stalker With Fake Celeb Sightings (2006-03-31): Page Six reports George Clooney has an idea that will make Gawker Stalker less effective at providing recent celebrity sightings.

  • Gawker's Stalker Maps Provide Celebrity Sightings (2006-03-17): We've posted before about the blogarazzi and it looks like they are here for real now with Gawker's launch of Gawker Stalker maps.

  • Gawker Launches Valleywag to Cover Silicon Valley Gossip (2006-02-02): Gakwer has launched Valleywag, a tech gossip blog covering San Francisco and the Silicon Valley.

  • Gawker to Develop Original Video Content (2006-01-22): Blogebrity asks is "Gawker TV on its way?" after reading a help wanted post on Gawker for the Gawker Guerrilla Video Project.

  • You've Got to Know When to Fold Them (2005-11-22): Gawker Media publisher Nick Denton blogs that Gawker will shutter its gambling blog Oddjack at the end of the month.

  • Censored Gawker Blogs to Run on Yahoo News (2005-11-16): Yahoo has cut a content deal with Gawker Media to feature posts from Gawker blogs starting with these five: Gawker, Wonkette, Gizmodo, Defamer and Lifehacker.

  • Nick Denton: Gawker Media is Unacquirable (2005-11-04): A recent OJR article about a new online media bubble has a quote from Gawker Media founder Nick Denton who says Gawker is not for sale and unacquirable.

  • Nick Denton: Don't Believe the Blog Hype (2005-05-08): Nick Denton, who runs the Gawker network of blogs, sounds rather negative about the impact of blogs in a recent New York Times article.

  • Gawker Loses Cheap Tickets as Sponsor (2005-02-25): PRWeek reports that Cheap Tickets has pulled their ad from Gridskipper, one of Gawker Media's blogs.