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Here are the latest posts about Feedburner on Writers Write:

  • Google to End AdSense for Feeds on December 3rd (2012-10-01): Google has announced an end to its AdSense for Feeds service.

  • Today's Big Rumor: Google Buying Feedburner (2007-05-18): The big rumor today first on Sam Sethi's Vecosys and now on Techmeme is that Google may be acquiring Feedburner.

  • Top Feeds on Feedburner (2007-03-25): Frantic Industries has post (no longer available) with the top forty feeds from Feedburner.

  • Subscriber Counts Jump as Google Releases Feed Suscriber Data (2007-02-17): Thanks to new numbers from Google Reader we may be able to answer TechCrunch's question about just how big Google Reader is from a few weeks.